SurvJustice: Increasing the Prospect of Justice for Survivors

SurvJustice is a national not-for-profit organization that increases the prospect of justice for survivors by holding both perpetrators and enablers of sexual violence accountable. SurvJustice provides effective legal assistance to survivors to enforce their rights in campus, criminal, and civil systems of justice. SurvJustice also provides technical support and resources to changemakers working within their communities. Finally, SurvJustice provides comprehensive trainings to institutions that prevent and address sexual violence. By working on all fronts, SurvJustice decreases the prevalence of sexual violence throughout the nation.

In 2015, SurvJustice Founder Laura Dunn became a Global Fellow therefore SurvJustice is currently supported by Echoing Green.echo-green-survjustice

Legal Assistance

At SurvJustice, we believe that perpetrators and enablers of sexual violence must be held accountable. We do this by supporting law firms working with survivors and providing direct legal services to survivors to ensure they have effective legal assistance in:

  • Campus disciplinary hearings
  • Criminal investigations and prosecutions
  • Civil proceedings

Training Institutions

We train campus officials, student activists, community advocates, law enforcement agencies, and other groups and associations on the issues surrounding campus sexual violence. This ensures that campus communities understand victims’ rights and federal obligations to protect victims under the Clery Act and Title IX. We also work with students or other activist groups to help educate students, parents, and faculty members about sexual violence and how it can be stopped. Learn more about available training options here.

Policy Advocacy

In addition to the various resources we offer institutions, we can also help you effect real change in your community. If there are insufficient laws on the books in your state to protect victims of sexual violence, we can help by making presentations during committee meetings or in workgroups. We can also assist in developing media attention around ongoing issues of campus sexual violence within your community.

You can get involved with SurvJustice by donating, interning, or volunteering your time with us. We are here to help and if you want to know more about our work we can be reached through our online form or by calling us at (202) 600-7839.